Will updating itunes delete my music

Obviously, any time when Apple finds its own software deleting user content is a big problem for the company.

The company says that it is pushing an i Tunes update next week with ‘safeguards’ to pre-emptively prevent data loss.For now, the best course of action (as always with technology) is to ensure you have complete, recent, data backups of your music library.That way, if something does happen in the interim, you can always rollback files (or your entire library) if stuff ends up missing.i Tunes is the free software released by Apple to transfer content from i OS device to PC or MAC.

This is, on the other hand, a great music and video player.

Legally you're still obligated not to distribute this music to all your friends, but music in this format is not physically restricted to only play on your authorized computers or only on Apple devices.

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