Who is tavis smiley dating

Smiley raised his very important question on Monday night on Fox’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “Do you think the rule ought to be that you’re not allowed to date your subordinates? “But there are other opinions on that,” he continued.“In my employee handbook we do not encourage inter-office relationships, but we don’t forbid it either, because I don’t know how things are gonna turn out in your life.

Smiley.” The investigation “revealed that he had multiple sexual encounters with subordinates over many years and yielded credible allegations of additional misconduct inconsistent with the values and standards of PBS.”PBS had distributed “Tavis Smiley” for 14 years.Those people should not take jobs in media, where you can get fired for little or no reason at all.Which brings us to the unfortunate — and, it appears, unfair — case of what happened to Tavis Smiley.Smiley has repeatedly said PBS never presented him with the names of his accusers, specific allegations, or details of an investigation into his workplace relationships that led up to his dismissal.