Who is parker mckenna posey dating

Since October 3, 2011, the show also airs on BET (a sister network to Nick at Nite through parent company Viacom); unlike the Nick at Nite and ABC Family airings, BET broadcasts episodes of the series in a letterboxed format.The series then aired in reruns on Centric on October 12, 2011.Firstly talking about her family, Parker lives in Los Angeles with her mother.She somewhat owes her popularity to her actress mommy, who helped her appear on television screen at the age of two.There also is no proper opening theme song, although the series did have two closing themes (one of which was also used at the very beginning of certain episodes during the first season), throughout its run.Michael desperately wants to have sex with his wife, but Janet fears that having sex would bring about another pregnancy and asks that Michael undergo a vasectomy.More importantly, it's your chance to show the world that America is not ruled by fear, bigotry, and hate, but that we are a proud country of immigrants and free thinkers.

Sister channel Living also used to air the show in 2001.ABC Family began airing My Wife and Kids in high definition on September 1, 2008; the episodes aired by ABC Family are the original versions aired on ABC, though like syndication airings, closed captioning sponsorship tags appear before the final act/scene of each episode.The series no longer airs on ABC Family, as of January 2012.At the very end of the episode he tells Janet, who replies that she's already pregnant.

Reruns aired in the United States on various local stations, primarily Fox, CW, and My Network TV affiliates, from September 2005 to August 2011.

Before Problem, Parker was in a relationship with Mandela Van Pebbles as confirmed by her mother.