What can i do about an intimidating neighbor

The last thing you want to do is provide fuel for the NFH and their madness but neither do you want to be driven out of your own home so getting them to shift focus away from you and still getting what you want is the key to managing the situation well.It may take time and patience (lots of patience) but the possibilities exist that you can have a NFH and still manage to live a happy and healthy existence.When it comes to the NFH you need to be the adult because they probably won’t be.You are better off being well informed and methodical and leaving the agro to them.They often just behave like the school yard bully, the spoilt brat or the class clown (or all these things) that they were when they were growing up.If you are going to gain the high ground you will need to be the growenup (we consider the high ground is a relatively peaceful existence free of annoyance, intimidation and aggravation) you who will need to be patient, determined, thorough and mature, it is you who will need to be the grownup.If you can figure out the problem, you can work toward a solution and maybe stop the bullying. Outline the problem, and ask questions if you’re not sure what’s causing the conflict.Be specific about what’s bothering you, and ask if there’s anything that he wants to say or ask. Point out that you don’t want the situation to continue and would like to find a solution. If he’s bullying you for no reason, don’t budge and agree to something you think is unfair or threatening.

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We have not arrived at making this web site without having gained considerable experience with the NFH; 'the whole nine yards' as they say, fence disputes, planning complaints to council, threats and assaults and the subsequent court cases and AVO's, and seemingly endless and ongoing childish provocations, so in the content of this web site we will try to cover the various legal methods you have at your disposal to quiet the beast next door and in the process we will explore some of issues that make the NFH what he or she is.Try to understand your neighbor’s position and offer an alternative if his requests seem unreasonable.Try to reach a middle ground that will solve the problem. According to Consumer Reports, if the friendly chat fails, you can write a formal letter that details the problem and why it can’t be tolerated.We are not offering legal advice, we are merely wanting to impart some of the information and experience that we have gained since late 2004 when our own neighbour from hell saga started.

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