Updating the motherboard

Your new motherboard will come with its own, designed for the board's port arrangement.When inserting the new I/O panel, apply enough pressure around the edges to hear the clicks.If you do the second, have your Windows and application discs handy.

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If you have more than two IDE drives, be sure your new board has a second IDE connector.That said, never force anything: If your processor resists when you engage its locking mechanism, you could damage it.Once it's in place, apply a layer of thermal paste to the CPU, and attach the fan to the board, covering the CPU.OK, first of all, you must know that even though Kaby Lake is compatible with Intel's Z170 Skylake chipset, the CPU is designed for Intel's Z270 Kaby Lake chipset to use its new features. Copy the file you downloaded to the flash drive and insert it on the board.

As an overclocker, tester, and reviewer, I always move to the latest chipset if I decide to upgrade my CPU, and of course not an H/B or something chipset, I go to the root chipset - that means Z170/Z270. Then press the button on the picture for six seconds (button will vary from board to board).

It's more convenient to install the processor, its cooling fan, and the RAM before installing your new motherboard.