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I cannot serve because I am a Christian." Nevertheless, orders were given for him to be given the military seal.He answered, "I cannot do it: I cannot be a soldier." When told he must serve or die, he said, "You may cut off my head, but I will not serve.In a teaser for the new episode, the Made In Chelsea star, 23, is heard shrieking with fear after a carpet python makes a lunge for her head - causing hosts Ant & Dec to urge her to stop making 'sudden movements' for her own safety.However, adding to the fear factor as a Bushtucker Trial, a number of large carpet pythons are also released into the box and proceed to slither all over her, as she attempts to win food for her co-stars.About 295, the proconsul Dion went to Theveste to recruit soldiers for the third Augustan legion stationed there.

She tries to sing to distract herself, but ends up crying: 'I'm so scared, I can feel them!Maximilian answered, "They know what is best for them.I am a Christian and I cannot do what is wrong." Dion continued, "What wrong do those commit who serve in the army?" Maximilian answered, "You know very well what they do." Threatened with death if he remained obstinate, Maximilian answered, "This is the greatest thing that I desire. Therein lies my glory." Then he added, "I shall not die.