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They went out of business in 2001 or 2002 when the son died.Drysdale, the owner and founder of Perthshire, had worked at Strathearn in the early ‘60s.In this interview, Richard More talks about collecting art glass paperweights, including the history of the Ysart family, other popular Scottish paperweight producers, and the different paperweight designs available.Located in Kansas, Richard can be contacted via his website, Richard Mores Paperweight Photo Albums, which is a member of our Hall of Fame.

I’d pick up a few Perthshires and Caithness and one or two Baccarats and stuff like that. There wasn’t a lot of information anywhere on Strathearn, so I decided that’s what I would collect.Strathearn ran until 1980, at which time Stuart Glass bought the company and discontinued paperweights altogether.When I first started collecting Strathearn paperweights, I really had no idea how many different varieties and designs there were.There was a lot of information about them, so more books had been written about those companies than Strathearn and the Ysart family. The Scottish paperweights just seem much more attractive.

I think the design and style and quality of the Scottish paperweights are several degrees higher than those from other places.

Paul Ysart stayed at Moncrieff Glass and made paperweights, which command a very good price.