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Results may include Name, Aliases, Date of Birth, Height, Weight, Eye Color, Hair Color, Sex, Nationality, Place of Birth, Complexion, Identifying Marks, Occupation, Last Known Residence, Offense, Offense Details, and Warrant Information.Data is updated monthly Federal Reserve Board - Enforcement Actions The Federal Reserve Board takes formal enforcement actions against entities and individuals for violations of laws, rules, or regulations, unsafe or unsound practices, breaches of fiduciary duty, and violations of final orders.Our criminal record database contains over 500 million records.

We include the sex offender registries of all 50 states.We will show all criminal convictions, to the extent permitted by law.But events that did not lead to a conviction will not show up if they are older than 7 years.List contains detailed information about each entity, may include Name, Address and DOB. OSFI - Canadian Sanctions List List of names, maintained by Canada's Office of the Superintendent of financial institutions, of individuals sanctioned under new Canadian and United Nations anti-terrorism measures. Reciprocal listings - 8/1995, separate Procurement and Nonprocurement listings - prior to 8/1995, oldest date currently unavailable.

Palestinian Legislative Council List - Historical Data United States Department of the Treasury list of 130 Palestinian Legislative Council Members who were elected on the party slate of a foreign terrorist organization, are on the Specially Designated Terrorists or Specially Designated Global Terrorist Lists.

Date of Birth is not provided by the Federal Reserve Board. Search results may include Name, Age, Address, Arrest Date, Conviction Date, Judicial Status, Offense, DEA Registration Status, and Case Remarks. Australia Sex Offender Registry This file contains individuals convicted of a sexual offense, murder of a child, and other forms of child abuse in Australia. Search results may contain Name, Address, Medical Center, Offense Description, Action Taken, Notice Date, and Term. New York OMIG - Excluded Individuals List Data contains a list of individuals whose participation in the New York Medicaid program has been restricted, terminated or excluded under the provisions of 18 NYCRR 504.7(b) - (h), 515.3, or 515.7.