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He may find it hard to view from your perspective or, he may feel that you are over-reacting.Regardless of how he responds when you share your feelings, they are your feelings and you may have to learn to live with the fact that he isn't going to validate them and change his behavior.About 33% of teens with smartphones are using services like Whats App and Kik to send these messages to their friends.Why use an app when texting is built into the phone? It's difficult to define what constitutes cheating and infidelity because people have differing opinions on the subject and what they consider appropriate or inappropriate behavior from a spouse.It's especially difficult if this wasn't a subject the two of you discussed before marriage.

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Text Messaging Studies done by researchers at the Pew Institute found that texting is currently the most popular method of communication among teens aged 13-17, with the average teen sending and receiving around 30 messages per day[1].Gone are the days when cell phones were used only to make calls and send text messages.The advent of the smartphone has given rise to thousands of apps which make communicating easier and more entertaining than ever.The only way to define cheating and infidelity is if you feel your expectations of faithfulness from your spouse have been violated.

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