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He is right on the money about the western mindset of dating and of how unbiblical and harmful it can be in the development of responsible relationships.Where I strongly disagree with him though is on the issue of men being designed to lead women and to be the sole provider and protector.Life and work doesn't have to be difficult and a hard slog as Paul Washer suggests.

While I can appreciate the guy's sincerity, passion and belief that this is what the Bible teaches, I did find it very stereotypical, with constant references to manliness and his love for hunting etc.The marriage institution is currently facing an unprecedented level of attack from the enemy.He is using all sorts of avenues to undermine this sacred God-ordained institution.Paul Washer is a straight-talking scripturally-sound preacher that is not afraid to stand for Christ at any cost.

Listen to this sermon and have your mind renewed or reinforced as the case may be.

His premise that until a man is willing to lead and provide for a woman he should not be considering dating a woman, leaves men with the notion that they are destined by God to lead and women are designed to simply follow their lead.

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