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This will be part of that,’ Clinton said in an interview with CNN on Wednesday.Tax experts said under this scenario she would be able to deduct this money from her income taxes.This has been part of our world, women’s world, since time immemorial.

From Deadline: The national board of directors of the Producers Guild of America will hold an emergency meeting Saturday to expel Harvey Weinstein from the guild.According to the contract, if Weinstein “treated someone improperly in violation of the company’s Code of Conduct,” he must reimburse TWC for settlements or judgments.Additionally, “You [Weinstein] will pay the company liquidated damages of $250,000 for the first such instance, $500,000 for the second such instance, $750,000 for the third such instance, and $1,000,000 for each additional instance.”Most damning for Amazon is the fact that Hatckett reported the incidents to Amazon.She adds Weinstein is just the “top of a a very particular iceberg.” Emma Thompson tells us the Harvey Weinstein allegations are just the tip of the iceberg of a wider and systemic problem in Hollywood pic.twitter.com/VDxswr UP5Z — BBC Newsnight (@BBCNewsnight) October 12, 2017Recalling the euphemism of earlier times, Thompson says, “‘Is he pestering you?

’ That’s the word we used to use in the olden days, if you recall.

Dick’s daughter has made known weeks after the incident first became public.

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