Out to lunch dating

“They hire us to find and arrange their dates for them, just like the personal trainer or the dry cleaner,” Dolan says.If it’s a world where no one does anything for themselves anymore, it’s also a world where everything people still do happens online.He left his position as a partner at Winston Strawn in Chicago to head up the dating service, which has been featured on the Today Show, 20/20 and CNN, and has an annual revenue of over $20 million.Dolan says that now he probably spends more time playing golf than he does in the office.Dolan, who was a teaching fellow for Ec 10 in the Larry Lindsey era, didn’t see much romantic action in his HLS days.“Harvard Law is one of those places that you have very mixed emotions about,” he says.“When I was there, some people were into studying; most people were not.

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It was really just an excuse to meet her,” he says.But Dolan says the growth of Internet dating services doesn’t threaten It’s Just Lunch’s business at all.“The Internet is like training wheels or the wading pool,” says Dolan.Dolan uses sports analogies and the model of supply and demand to describe the tremendous growth and success It’s Just Lunch has experienced.

“I use this analogy: this industry is a lot like personal trainers at the gym,” he says.

“Andrea had just founded it, and I thought, ‘God, she sounds like someone who’d be perfect for me.’” He continued to think about Mc Ginty, and discuss her with friends, for two years.