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They always returned to each other for comfort, companionship, and conversation.THe sexual desires of Vita and Harold may have been toward their own sex but they returned to each other every time.A successful marriage is based on being able to turn to the one you love, trust, and need in your most desperate time.Gerry informs that the line up that night included: Louis Armstrong-trumpet and vocals, Jack Teagarden-trombone and vocals, Cozy Cole-drums, Earl "Fatha" Hines-piano.1952 Front row: Sherman Murphy, Ken Burge, Norman Bamfield, Jimmy Backman, John Frizel, Billy Mitchell Back row: Bob Brocklebank, Marvin Bamfield, Wallace Snow, Carl Sheppard, Fred Edwards, Eric Sheppard, Zane Moore This is my uncle's grade 8 class photo.