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Psychologist Dr Lisa Diamond says that middle age may offer an opportunity for women, who tend to be more sexually fluid throughout life, to act on their same-sex attractions Though research on the intersection of these factors is lacking, Dr Diamond hypothesizes that ‘it’s a complicated dynamic between hormonal changes, physical experiences, and, certainly sexual desires.’In recent years, celebrities like Sex and the City’s Cynthia Nixon and American Horror Story actress Holland Taylor have been the subject of media attention and Hollywood gossip about their relationships with women.The idea of so-called ‘late-in-life lesbians’ has led to questions about why women enter these relationships during middle age.She says that as a marriage ends and children leave home, a woman ‘might have the opportunity to discover and act on [her sexual fluidity] as she gets older.’Through qualitative interview studies, Dr Diamond has found that many women report that sexual exploration is quite different later in life from what it was when they were younger.A woman may be at a point where she can ask herself, '"what do I want, who am I?More and more high profile women have been coming out about their relationships with women later in life, but research presented by this year's North American Menopause Society (NAMS) suggests it's not just a fad.Far more women (as well as men) are attracted to both sexes than are attracted exclusively to people of the same sex, so later relationships don't mean that previous hetero ones should be dismissed.Many women choose to undergo hormone replacement therapy after menopause, which has been reported to increase libido by as much as 44 percent.However, there is not conclusive evidence on whether or not it’s linked to changes in sexual fluidity.

American Horror Story star Holland Taylor, 74 (right) has historically been very quiet about her relationships, but confirmed in 2015 that she was in a relationship with actress 42-year-old Sarah Paulson (left)According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), between 20, about 17 percent of women reported that they were sexually attracted to both men and women.The fact that they weren’t talking about it before doesn’t mean that middle-aged women were not attracted to women before, and ‘the capacity to express same sex attractions doesn’t invalidate previous hetero relationships,’ Dr Diamond stresses.She worries that ‘if women go through these changes at a later stage [in life], they might think “oh my god, was I just repressed, was I living fake life?He never gets to touch them and they don’t touch him.