Jasmin love chats

Which made me realise it's about time we stopped trashing ourselves, it only makes it easier for other people too.Let's show ourselves the love that other people show us.And oh my god, the amount of wonderful comments and love I got was SO overwhelming!I was truly expecting to have some people trashing me or hating on my post, but no, nothing but pure love.I'm not ashamed of my body, in the last year or so (I'm blaming that loved up relationship ting!), I've put on weight, I've been conscious of it and I've been trying to get my body back to a place where I'm happy with it.

A good pair of shoes puts the finishing touches to a look and it’s so true that often the first thing we notice about a person is their shoes." ( "There are some beautiful monk shoes with fringing that I have to get my hands on from the Dune range, FABIA in pewter - perfect for running around in at work!*The names and characters in this episode represent a composite of people I have know personally and professionally.No real person is represented in this episode, which is intended for educational purposes.* When Your Partner Doesn't Understand Your... I'm on a bit of a holiday hiatus from new episodes of Therapy Chat podcast.Guy 1: Jasmines such a babe Guy 2: I'd kill to have a Jasmine in my life Girl 1: I messed around with Jasmines boyfriend Girl 2: She's so sweet!

didn't post it, but then I decided to chuck it in the fuck it bucket (the best kind), and posted it.

If you want to look like a model, then you go girl - BUT, do it for you, not because the world wants to see you that way, but because you want to be that way.