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The latter code format shows up as and pasting that in the proper location on the target web site.You can do this on many social media pages as well as on your own website.For most streaming purposes, a separately purchased webcam makes better sense than using one that’s included in a device such as a computer or a smart phone.Separate webcams generally provide better image quality and more features, and also can be used independently of any other device.If the video is a live stream, it will be running constantly.If it’s set up as an on-demand video, the frame will be inert until the viewer activates it by clicking on it.

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They’re also the cheapest and most easily available, being part of any smart phone or laptop.These devices are highly portable and facilitate on-site encoding where a computer with encoding software might be cumbersome.The other approach is to use encoding software such as Wirecast or Vid Blaster installed on a desktop or laptop computer.Generally there are two formats for embedding video, although not all platforms facilitate both.

One of these is Javascript, but the more common (and usually the more convenient) format is i Frames.

A good rule of thumb is to have an Internet upload connection that’s twice as fast as the bitrate you intend to broadcast.