Expiration dating of prepackaged medications

According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency "Expiration dates are required only on certain foods that have strict compositional and nutritional specifications which might not be met after the expiration date." In Canada expiration dates must be used on the following food items (list and comments copied from CFIA website): The concern is that after the expiration date has passed, the food may not have the same nutrient content as specified on the packaging and for the listed regulated products, the nutritional content is quite important.

This benefits the consumer by ensuring that the product is of best quality when sold.Users are required by law to follow manufacturer's directions.There is no specific law that requires an expiration date, but all Transport Canada approved car seats sold in Canada carry a manufacturer applied expiration date that ranges between 6 and 9 years from date of manufacture.These practices reduce the risk of customers unknowingly buying food without looking at the date, only to find out the next day that they cannot use it.

Expiration dating of prepackaged medications comments

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