Egyptian sphinx carbon dating

There has long been a debate as to the true age of the Great Sphinx of Egypt.

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Human activity has not only been limited to sculpturing the Sphinx and its enclosure; a considerable amount of rocks have been removed from the Giza Plateau while shaping the landscape and quarrying building material and blocks for construction of the other monuments surrounding the Sphinx.The rounded shapes indicate it formed under a mantle of topsoil.(Source: Jørn Christiansen)Several factors contributed to the current poor rock quality of Member II, but they all have their origin in the composition of the fine grained muddy limestone matrix that hampered the initial lithification process.The earlier dating of the Sphinx has further inspired researchers and writers to link the Sphinx to ancient lost civilizations such as Atlantis.

This member is well exposed in the western parts of the enclosure walls and floor and also forms the lower part of the Sphinx sculpture, (now covered with repair blocks).

Further burial history of these members during early Tertiary time (~ 50-30 Ma) was not investigated, but a considerable additional sedimentary section must have been deposited on top of Member III on the Giza Plateau to account for the degree of lithification observed.