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Kevin Buckner: Marvin Winan’s, “Draw me close to you/thy will be done” and Marvin Sapp’s “My Testimony.” Sapp’s song, because I have endured trials and tribulations, but through it all God always had a plan. You may have been trying to figure out, what is going on? Single For 1: During this season what is your favorite praise and worship song and why? It’s a really interesting book about all the different “Triggers” of human nature that gets people to TAKE ACTION. Last night I was reading one of my favorite books called “Triggers” by Joe Sugarman, right before going to bed.You better believe that there is ZERO procrastination in that 60-minutes. But on the flip, if there is no competition, you have no value. You could do this yourself if you are planning a social circle event with your friends. Here’s an example of how I recently used this to get a girl to agree to meeting up with me: Alright so we’ve covered how to use urgency to improve your work-flow, your social-flow, AND your dating-flow… And the most creative stuff usually comes out when I realize that I’m only 75% done, and only have 5 minutes to finish. Let’s say you’re renting a boat to take all your friends wake-boarding on the lake, or you’re buying a table at the club tonight, or you want to go hiking with a group of buddies… You have to have the faith to press forward and go on. I may know the name president Barack Obama, but I don’t have his number or talk to him. When the test of times comes, you see in the end where their heart is. Single For 1: Is it hard dating with a work schedule like yours?

The first date of the night (mysteriously in Santa Barbara) put Nick V.It’s why whenever I do a product launch, I purposely only make a certain amount of copies available… funny how banging out one of these newsletters real quick made me feel awesome. Take your life to the next level with Magnetic Personality Formula right now. Or I’ll set a deadline, and cut off the supply when the clock strikes zero… Sugarman just had to go and twist the knife by basically saying that any sales presentation is . So yes, it’s true, I’ve been in a weird mood all day because I realized just how URGENTLY I could start living my life. My inbox has been flooded with requests for more information about how you can sign up for the first FREE-live event that I’m holding in Las Vegas soon. I use that platform to say something to inspire and encourage others.

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