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Classes don't start until around a.m., but that precious half-hour, which plays at a highly accelerated speed, is some of your most significant social time in the game.Here, you'll find the entire population of Brooktown High, which consists of just 20 students, wandering around the halls.Since there's very rare benefit to being loathed by anyone, all your conversations turn into guessing games of what you think people want to hear based on their apparent clique affiliation.Pick the right answers, and you'll get a boost in both your confidence and your overall popularity.Jobs make you money while clubs help you maintain a good grade in one of your classes; but again, after choosing the activity, you don't actually get to do anything.You have basically all day Saturday for yourself, though in a developing pattern, there's not much to fill the hours with.

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Aside from the fact that everyone fits so snugly into their clique affiliation, the worst part of these conversations is how quickly they begin repeating.You can walk up to anyone during this time and start chatting with them, which will bring up a standard multichoice dialogue tree.What you say here, or in any of the conversations you have in the game, will play a large part in what this student thinks of you.After choosing your gender, you'll take a My Space-style questionnaire that defines your initial stats and your starting allowance.

With gender limiting who you can date and who you can just be BFFs with, the game plays pretty much the same regardless of which sex you choose.

Brooktown has a pretty bizarre curriculum, consisting of just four classes--physical education, French, art, and physics.