Dating a man who owns his own business

The Bumble app has user growth of about 100 percent year over year, making it one of the fastest-growing dating properties, one of the people said.The app hadmore than 12.5 million userslast year, according to Forbes.Early last year Taihuttu's father died from cancer at 61 which prompted his family to head off on the trip of a lifetime.When they were in South Africa, he got chatting to a trader having maintained contact, eventually he set up his own business buying and selling the currency having ditched his previous job of offering IT solutions to Dutch firms.A father has sold everything his family owns for Bitcoin including their house, car and children's toys.Didi Taihuttu, 39, is so convinced the online currency's value will soar he has invested in it with his whole life.

He eventually saved every financial and business transaction he made into a personal ledger book which he keeps to this day.Having cashed in on his belongings, the Dutchman is now living on a campsite in The Netherlands and is buying up other cryptocurrencies in the hope that one day it will make him rich.Talking to the Business Insider, he said: 'People will say, "You're crazy", But we are an adventurous family and are going to gamble for a moment to live minimalist lives.In addition, his conglomerate structure allows Slim to purchase numerous stakes that it is made nearly recession proof if one or more sectors of the economy do not do well.

Slim also doesn't address the finer details of the business but instead focuses on business fundamentals where his strategy is buy an asset at an undervalued price for its underlying cash flow and eventually sell his stake for greater profit when the asset gains value, or simply hang to the business for its cash flow.

Taihuttu's decision was the result of travelling the world for nine months.

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    We take pride in our business savvy. and we aren’t afraid to take a dating risk. What modern man wouldn’t want a. ditches corporate life to do his own.…