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Today, Ryan works self-employed under the title of Ryan Builds Wheels.Pi came into the picture four years ago, when he came to Bristol as part of the Bristol Bike Project.Pi recalls his childhood as being full of freestyle BMX and off-road cycling.Since then, he has worked on many weird and wonderful projects.“The best example is the Mini Rinky Dink.It’s wide, smooth and flat and you don’t need to worry about being run over.

So in 2011, we staged a vintage themed ride in mid-April as a trailer and fundraiser for the main event in September.2010 saw the launch of Bristol's first ever Cycle Festival.Over 100 events organised by Bristol's cycling community took place, from treasure hunts to bike polo tournaments.Thankfully, Bristol is surrounded by secluded woodlands, with a number of hidden dirt tracks.

Pi’s favourite Bristol route is the path from Stapleton Road to Lawrence Hill.

It’s basically a weird bike with a built in sound system. We helped to build a miniature version for Bristol, which can often be seen parading around local cycling events.”After his rich experience with repairs and wheel building, Ryan feels mastering the art of frame building will complete the cycle (pardon the pun).