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This debate between Tony Costa and Ijaz Ahmed encapsulated the best of both worlds in my humble opinion.Ijaz was lucid, intelligent, respectful and up to date on the current landscape of Christian theological doctrine and textual criticism.Paul himself indicates this of himself (and his writings are the earliest written amongst the NT writings).On top of this the authors of the 4 Gospels are anonymous (these names Mark, Matthew, Luke and John were later given to the anonymous authors).

Steven believes the Gospels are the historical eye-witness records of the disciples.This was rejected outright by Ijaz Ahmad who pointed out the 4 Gospels were not contemporary to Jesus p and nor are the writers of these Gospels known so how can somebody take these works as eye-witness accounts?None of the authors of the documents which make up the NT were eye-witnesses.As a student of comparative theology, I am addicted to watching Christian/Muslim interfaith dialogues and debates.

Different speakers have different oratory attributes, skills, knowledge, and of course deficiencies as well, and present their information in various ways.

4 out of the 6 lead to what Trinitarians would call heretical beliefs and the other two are anonymous – further highlighting the range of differing beliefs amongst early Christians.