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The word has only leaked here and there, but as you read this, the likelihood is quite high that anyone associated with NYLON who has a Raya account is probably getting flayed by folks in black trench coats. However, the approval process is not exactly clear-cut.Do not worry: The so-called Tinder for Illuminati has built its cache by flying under the radar. )Here’s what we know: The app has been around for over a year—and though it bills itself as a connector for “creative types,” it mostly has very beautiful folks with 5,000-plus Instagram followers. From what we can glean, you need to meet at least four out of the five following criteria in order to be accepted: Fortunately, a few of us have been blessed to have encountered some of these denizens of Raya (or, hey, maybe even got accepted to Raya ourselves, though rule number one prevents us from actually admitting that), and after being slightly starstruck by the company, we started compiling a list of famous people that popped up.Sam also said of Amelia: "I didn't promise anything but a conversation when we were out and I had sorted stuff out." The posh star entered the CBB house fresh out of a serious relationship with Made In Chelsea co-star Tiffany Watson, after they agreed to go on a break.He made it clear he was developing feelings for Amelia - and while Amelia initially insisted she wasn't interested in a house romance, she soon began to return those feelings."But he took me out, and we're not rushing into anything, so we'll see." Hours before whisking Amelia out on the town, Sam had taken to Twitter to deny any accusations his flirtations with Amelia inside the CBB house had been a showmance."I could have gone in for the kiss, I could have had a relationship in there, but I didn't know I was ready and wanted to respect her," he told fans.

Sam joked that Trisha must fancy him, but she hit back: "Definitely the other way around ;) once an obnoxious bully, ALWAYS an obnoxious bully xxx." Refusing to retaliate, Sam simply said: "I like you." Trisha, meanwhile, claimed she and Sam had a fight on the first day in the house which she was willing to expose, prompting him to reply: "I've already got the little snake emoji Shiz." Confusingly, Trisha then suggested she actually did like Sam, after a follower pointed out she'd said she liked him in a recent video.AMELIA Lily has revealed she is dating Sam Thompson after they were seen on their first night out together since they left Celebrity Big Brother.Sam followed through on his promise to take fellow housemate Amelia out for dinner and drinks.Sam wore black jeans and a black T-shirt teamed with a camouflage bomber jacket for their date, while former X Factor contestant Amelia looked pretty in a floral dress and black ankle boots.

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