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After starring in The Hills, the couple starred on other reality shows, such as I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and Celebrity Big Brother.This year, the couple have welcomed their first child, Gunner Pratt. Sinead was an Irish actress at the time they met, and the two would end up having two sons together, Sam and Max.Sting took a liking to Trudie and the two began to date.Of course, Sting and Tomelty were divorced soon after the two met.Yep, they’re pretty much the coolest people on the dancing scene.Jenna was working as a backup dancer in 2006 when she was cast alongside Channing in Step Up.Trudie and Sting met when Trudie joined the Royal Shakespeare Company in England.

Irons didn’t make his film debut until 1981, so their marriage has actually been longer than Irons’ silver screen career. In 2005, whilst Denise was pregnant with their second child, she filed for divorce.The famous couple filed for divorce one time in 2002 but got back together and finally divorced in 2006.We’re betting Yvette Prieto Jordan has a bit of a crick in her neck, as leaning up to kiss Michael Jordan each day can’t be good for the joints.The two aren’t close friends these days, but they had a fairly pleasant split, considering the circumstances.

A classic 2000s marriage that surprisingly is still going strong.

They would end up getting married in 2010, adding an adopted son to their family a year later.

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