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When you date both men and women it can be confusing when it comes to being the man.But from dating men I've seen what equality really means in a relationship: you play to your talents not your genitals.It's her life, I've really no right to get involved in issues that don't concern me unless she asks for my help.Some guys disagree and think their girlfriend is their property to defend.

From personal experience I can tell you why bisexual men rate better between the sheets.Now I'm not rich, I can't be dropping £100 an evening every time I like a girl. There is also this issue of being a 'protector' when you're the man in a straight relationship.In my view I signed on to be a boyfriend not a bodyguard, and I don't think it's my place to go calling out and punching people in my girlfriend's life that I'm not happy with.It's sad that there are men and women that are put off but ultimately that's their preference and they just happen to be interested in a different version of man.