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Under New Brunswick’s Family Services Act, spousal support is also possible for common-law couples.The presence of children can significantly affect the way a common-law relationship is viewed in the eyes of the law.According to Justice Brownstone, spousal support for Ontario common-law couples is possible if there were "economic consequences" to the break-up.

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We use trust law to protect common law property rights."This is why the recent B. ruling is unique, because now, couples who have been living together for two years are entitled to a 50/50 split of shared debts and assets — excluding any pre-relationship property or inheritances.It’s unlikely that a common-law couple that decides to split will deal with spousal support, but it is possible, depending upon other factors.Much like in marriage, spousal support is not automatic, but is given only when one party is seen as entitled to it.We will not use your information for any other purpose.

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When a cohabiting couple has a child, they are often viewed as common law years before a childless couple would be.